PUBG Mobile India, trailer posted then removed instantly

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India, trailer posted then removed instantly. PUBG Mobile is still trending and played in India. There are a lot of normal casual players, streamers, and Pro players who are constantly keeping it alive. In a recent turn of events, a series of the trailer were posted on PUBG Mobile India’s YouTube channel and later deleted. No one can confirm the legitimacy of the game coming back however, the company isn’t keeping quiet either.

Lot of PUBG Mobile enthusiast, streamers etc. have shared the view and started making buzz. Dynamo Gaming in a recent video stated “The game trailer should be coming in April end, Game to come by May 1st or 2nd Week. Things seems to be moving in the right direction even though there’s long way to go. 

Latest updated on Mobile Games:

Last week we saw 2 Big Gaming giants actually announcing and sharing early access to their game. Namely Apex Legends and Battlefield mobile. PUBG Mobile may feel the heat and want to keep the buzz around and may do these small things. Even though there has been a lot of development and free publicity to the game, nothing is concrete yet.

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