June 22, 2024

Indus Appstore, a Google Playstore alternative announced by PhonePe

Indus AppStore PhonePe

Indus AppStore PhonePe

Indus Appstore, a Google Playstore alternative announced by PhonePe. After the recent Paytm fiasco which is still underway, this move will give a major boost to PhonePe depending on how users take it. Talking about Market share – As per the latest NPCI data, PhonePe accounted for 46 per cent of UPI transaction volumes in Oct 23, Google Pay for 36%, and Paytm another 13%. In comparison, as of Oct 22, PhonePe had a market share of 47% Google Pay of 34% and Paytm of around 15%.

  • Invites all Android app developers to list their applications on the newly launched Indus Appstore Developer Platform
  • App Listing on the Indus Appstore Developer Platform will be free for the first year
  • Indus AppStore will have Zero Commission on In-App Payments
  • The Appstore will also have a “Launch Pad” for new developers to onboard their apps and provide them with better visibility & search optimization

Here’s what sets Indus Appstore apart:

  1. Mobile Number based login which is extremely helpful in a market where many consumers don’t even have an email account
  2. Zero commission for In-App payments
  3. Zero listing fees for the first year
  4. India-based support team available via email or chat bot as well as dedicated account managers to solve developer queries swiftly
  5. Cohort-based targeted release management that will allow developers to roll out newer app versions to relevant user cohorts
  6. AI-powered real-time monitoring of app vitals during a new version launch
  7. Real-time analytics, deep insights on industry trends, and competitor analysis to help developers adopt best practices
  8. Intelligent & faster app updates that will allow users to get updated to the latest version much faster

Find the complete information and more on the Indus App Store – PhonePe announces the launch of the Indus Appstore Developer Platform.

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