April 18, 2024

Battlefield Mobile announced by EA, coming 2022

Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile announced by EA, coming 2022. The Year 2021 has started with the never-ending Pandemic and carry forwarding 2020. Gaming has been a life support for the already huge community. Gaming is only growing and mobile is a field that has been taking the center stage. Some of the top mobile gaming countries include the USA, China, SEA, Japan, and India.

EA took some time but finally has announced Battlefield Mobile. Not sharing much in detail or sharing any glimpse, however, few details include that Industrial Toys will be working with DICE. The game will be completely fresh and may not see any reference from the Battlefield PC or Consoles.

After PUBG Mobile, FreeFire, and Call of Duty Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile Early access is now available on Google Playstore. Gaming space and Gaming phones keep growing. ASUS ROG Phone 5, Xiaomi Blackshark, Nubia Redmagic, Lenovo Legion are few of the gaming phones available in the market.

Mobile Gaming is still early but has too much potential. Many companies are already announcing big Gaming Esports tournaments for the gaming community. There have been many new additions in 2020. After the ban of PUBG Mobile specifically in a growing market like India, it’s really difficult for long-term prospects.

Do you think Mobile gaming has the potential? Are you a Mobile gamer? Do share with us and let us know if you are waiting for Battlefield Mobile or Maybe Apex Legends. Whatever the situation is we will surely be trying out the recently announced games.

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