May 25, 2024

Battleground Mobile India iOS release now rolling out



Battleground Mobile India iOS release now rolling out. Finally, the day has come and KRAFTON has released the iOS version of BGMI. Frankly, there are a lot of gamers who play on android. But, there is also a good amount of gamers who likes to play on iOS. Apple iPhones and iPad are some of the big differentiate.

However, there is some really good Android gaming phone which maybe better than Apple iPhones in many aspects. Android is considered to be a pretty sweet and open ecosystem. There are Pros and Cons but when you can buy a flagship at an incredible steal price who wouldn’t want to. I am talking about the ASUS ROG Phone 5. Coming to the Apple iOS version of BGMI, the iOS release was long due and KRAFTON was teasing the game for few weeks.

ROG Phone 5: Long term user review

There are some in-game perks for iOS users as well. Earlier, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA had hit the milestone of 50M downloads, and Krafton had given out numerous rewards in the celebration including the Galaxy Messenger Set, which is the third set of rewards waiting for fans playing on iOS as well.

To download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, please visit the iOS Link and click on the “GET” button, and the rewards will automatically be available to claim inside the Event Center, once you’ve started and logged into the game.

Visit the Apple App store or simply click this link to download. BGMI Apple App Store

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