April 18, 2024

CS:GO Dreams and Nightmares: A $1 Million Art Contest, How to, Details, and more

CS GO Dreams & Nightmares

CS GO Dreams & Nightmares

CS:GO Dreams and Nightmares: A $1 Million Art Contest, How to, Details, and more. Counter Stike Global offensive is one of the most played games to date. So, after the arrival of Riot’s Valorant and many other games before CS:GO is always challenged. Valve’s Skins and Art market is quite big and many takers for sure. But, when you talk about Skins, arts, finishes Valorant is racing towards one big market. Players are spending a good amount of money behind skins and other in-game purchases.

Valve has announced a $1 Million Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Contest. They have also launched an official Site to help content creators learn and make new finishes.

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How to Participate and Details:

1.CS:GO Art contest is a search for 10 original dream or nightmare-themed weapon finishes for CS:GO
2.Each of the 10 winning entries will earn $100,000
3.Anyone can participate with a Non-Limited account (basically you should have purchased something from Steam before)
4.Teams of more than one person can also enter
5. Official Place to guide and learn – https://counter-strike.net/dreams
6. Official CS:GO subforum for artists, technical artists, and others to collaborate on contest-themed submissions and ideas –https://steamcommunity.com/app/730/discussions/2/

CS:GO Workshop has been here for quite some time now. If you are a designer or artist and want to contribute head over to CS:GO Official Page. For more in-depth details and FAQ visit – Counter-Strike Blog.

Will you be participating? What is your thought on the in-game purchases and Skins? Let us know and do you love the Skins offered by CS:GO or Valorant? However, CS:GO and Valorant is 2 big games where the debate is now taking place.

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