Indian Govt nod maybe required for PUBG Mobile comeback

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India

Indian Govt nod maybe required for PUBG Mobile comeback. So, there is a lot for PUBG Mobile lovers finally. PUBG Mobile India released a video yesterday teasing the launch of the Game. The video teaser has big PUBG Mobile names like Kronten and Dynamo. Many PUBG Mobile Esports players have already started talking and teasing about the comeback.

PUBG Mobile India’s new version would see things like India specific content, Data protection, and privacy which was the prime reason for their ban in India. PUBG Mobile’s parent company KRAFTON had signed a deal with Microsoft Azure for Cloud data protection and privacy. The company has also shared its vision of hiring in India and an initial investment of $100 Million. PUBG Mobile now has a new Website for India which was recently also pulled out following the ban orders. 

Indian Govt Nod for PUBG Mobile

According to the TOI report, the Indian Govt nod maybe required for relaunch in India. When I say maybe, this could also mean that Govt may interfere again if they find loose ends. You can read the entire story about the build-up of PUBG Mobile relaunch above when the KRAFTON and Microsoft Deal became official. We might just need to wait a few more days or maybe a few weeks till the Official announcement comes in from PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile’s Parent company is KRAFTON Inc. which is a South Korean company. PUBG Mobile will make sure there are no loose ends which may further cause issues for everyone. To be noted, the game can be still played in India, however, it can’t officially be used or marketed due to the current ban and It is one of the highly played and watched games in India.

Are you guys excited or you feel it shouldn’t make a comeback? Let us know.

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