August 17, 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations to start on May 18th

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations to start on May 18th. KRAFTON, the South Korean Video game developer today announced pre-registration dates. There were a lot of fake links being circulated coupled with fake information. It is good to hear from the Original developer to streamline the information. The game will also have some in-game rewards for fans if they pre-register. The pre-registrations are exclusive to India Market. 

To pre-register for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, please visit the Google Play Store and click on the “Pre-Register” button, and your rewards will automatically be available to claim on game launch. Make sure you always follow the Developer and don’t download or follow fake links. Pre-registration will also ascertain the no of players interested. The game is most awaited since the ban. However, there are many games. Call of Duty MobileValorant Mobile, Battlefield MobileApex Legends Mobile to name a few. These games have specific launch timelines. 

As per sources, the game may see few changes and improvements like:

1. Game will have a Pre-registration period – Confirmed 18th May.
2. Minors will have to provide the phone number of their parent or guardian to play the game.
3. Minors will only be able to play the game for a maximum of 3 hours a day.
4. The maximum amount that can be spent in the game will be limited to ₹7,000 per day.
5. Match Making will be limited to India, Esports content, and Big Prize Pool for India specific region.
6. Less violent and many things which will differ from Global or other regions.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will help many brands and People across. Are you excited for Battlegrounds Mobile India? Let us know. However, many will term the game PUBG Mobile. There has been a lot of waiting and hard work from everyone to bring back the game in India. But, it has to also follow strict compliance to sustain.

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