October 2, 2022

Tesla suspends vehicle purchases using Bitcoin, Crypto market crashes



Tesla suspends vehicle purchases using Bitcoin, Crypto market crashes. Elon Musk’s tweet causes another crash as he shared a short note on suspending Bitcoin usage for purchasing Tesla. Elon Musk is used to cause the Crypto market crash and this is not the first time. The Electricity usage of Cryptocurrency Mining is causing concern overall.


Elon Musk’s tweet and major appearance just a few days back caused Dogecoin to crash. Elon is also looking for a currency that uses <1% of Bitcoin’s energy/transaction. 

In a series of tweets, Elon also mentioned a few days back whether Tesla should accept Dogecoin. Elon always believed Doge to be the currency of the Internet.


At the time of writing, Top 10 Cryptocurrency were down as per Coingecko. As per 1-hour chart, the currency is picking up the pace. There are many major Personalities and Institutions which are treating this as an opportunity and buying the dip. Some of the Meme coins did go down when Vitalik ETH founder donated to the COVID19 India relief fund. The donation isn’t the issue, it’s the random currency that is a kind of Pump and Dump scheme.
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