Battlegrounds Mobile India: Indian Politicians call for Ban again

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Indian Politicians call for Ban again. So the story is repeating again and maybe the topic is being diverted again. The news being reported from one of the leading sources IGN. Two of the Indian Politicians have called for a ban on Battlegrounds India which they think is just a renamed version of PUBG Mobile. Former Union Minister and current Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering wrote to the Prime Minister to request a ban on what he terms as “the relaunch of PUBG Mobile”.

Another Tweet comes in from Abhishek Singhvi, Member of Parliament.

The entire story now revolves around how Tencent is still part of the entire Battlegrounds Mobile India arrival. KRAFTON investment stake in Nodwin Gaming. Also, how the Chinese can create Privacy and Security issues yet again. The Pre-registrations have already begun.

KRAFTON has been trying for a few months now and finally a few days back the game started gaining positive momentum. The game has gone through a variety of changes and things that will see a positive effect. The compliance is in place as per what India Govt banned in the first place.


Regardless of Negativity, I feel the Game should launch and Govt should cooperate as whatever compliance needs to be put forth. Gaming is at the forefront and it will be beneficial overall. Privacy and Security issues if any can be checked and worked out. An outright ban is never a solution.

As per unconfirmed sources the game may launch in Mid June 2021. I hope things go smooth here on and we see some positive work between Govt. and companies.

What do you all think? There are a lot of Chinese investments in India and Battlegrounds India has a lot of rework done as per sources including the parent KRATFON being South Korean. However, in the world of Globalization it’s really hard to have all things in place when the scale is this big. If you start banning Chinese investments left and right many Indian companies have to be shut down.

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