KRAFTON official statement on Battlegrounds Mobile India data being sent to China servers

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India

KRAFTON official statement on Data being sent to China servers. Starting with the news when IGN India reported this news and the update by KRAFTON. IGN on 20th June reported that Battlegrounds mobile India data were sent to China servers after testing the same. After the report broke out, many websites and media started capturing the news and even Politicians started more aggressively demanding a check.

IGN India, later confirmed that after the initial reports, KRAFTON released a patch for the game. KRAFTON yesterday came ahead and shared an Official post on the issue.

KRAFTON official statement on Battlegrounds Mobile India


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The official statement does clarify the issue raised, also KRAFTON mentioned that the same happened due to sync required for Game save and migration. There is also a new to provide some services. It is always good to have a confirmation coming in Officially. However, there is a lot of work in process by BGMI to avoid any further concerns over the game. But again, the hype and excitement around BGMI are impressive and the game is much needed for all mobile gamers.

If you are still waiting and want to play the game early, check out the How to Link:

So what do you all think? Are you excited or playing the BGMI? Share your experience.

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