Battlegrounds Mobile India: data being sent to China, reports IGN India

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India: data being sent to China, reports IGN India. The hype for one of the most awaited games BGMI (Previously PUBG Mobile )after the initial ban last year doesn’t lose steam. Today, IGN India reported after testing that the data of BGMI is being sent to China. China Mobile Communications Corporation to be precise. An IGN reader reached out to IGN India and states that the data is being sent to China Mobile Communications servers in Beijing, the Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong. As well as Microsoft Azure servers located in the US, Mumbai, and Moscow.

You can read the in-depth findings by IGN India – Battlegrounds Mobile India Android Data Sent to China Server

Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India terms of service states that personal information of players would be stored and processed on servers based in India and Singapore, it also mentions that the company may “transfer your data to other countries” to meet “legal requirements”, perhaps giving the company a way out to do this.

BGMI early access started on Friday – 18th of June 2021. The response from the Mobile gaming community is superb and most of the YouTuber Gaming Influencers are streaming it live. There is also a call out for Ban on the game by Political parties and famous personalities in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Opinion:

However, KRAFTON has made a lot of changes. From Data security to In-game changes of Blood and violence. Also, to remind players about the virtual game environment, etc. I feel we should wait for official confirmation from the game developers. But, again KRAFTON is taking all steps slowly before rolling out the game officially.

BGMI Early access
BGMI Early access

If you are planning to play the game, check out the article – Battlegrounds Mobile India: Early access for all, How to, details. 

The game will be soon available officially is what I feel as the early access itself crossed more than 5 million players. The no’s are pretty less when compared to pre-registration. But, once it is available on Google Playstore officially and also for Apple iOS users the no’s should see an increase.

Are you playing the game? Do you have any opinion do let us know?

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