Valorant announces new Replication Game mode

Valorant Update

Valorant Update

Valorant announces the new Replication Game mode, coming soon. Valorant has already got a lot of updates recently with the new Breeze map, skins, battle pass update, etc. Riot announced another new mode which they are calling Replication mode.

As seen from the 23 seconds video tweeted by Valorant. The video shows how Brim’s Smoke ability is covering the entire map. The mode will see the ability of any character being multiplied. This can be useful for a variety of reasons. This is just a trailer and we may see more in the coming few weeks.

Check out the changes of previous update – Valorant Update. Riot is constantly working on other major things such as AFK ban, in-game chat, server optimization, Anti-cheat, etc.

Are you excited for the new mode? Let us know in the comments below. Also, do check out ROG Academy to learn and grow in Esports in India.

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