March 2, 2021

CSGO New Update: Release notes and Broken Fang Mode



CSGO has dropped a new update. The new update consists of a new mode called Broken Fang mode to make you more competitive and gives you the ability to track your progress. Broken Fang Premier mode will be a paid addition.

CSGO Release notes as on 3rd Dec 2020:


  • Introducing Operation Broken Fang, featuring new game modes like Broken Fang Premier and Retakes, stats page, agents, weapon collections, missions, maps, and more!
  • For more details visit



  • Broken Fang Premier Mode.
  • Retakes game mode.
  • Dynamic ping system to more game modes.
  • New customizable chat wheel feature.
  • Chat wheel can be customized under Keyboard/Mouse > Chat Wheel Keys options.



  • Ancient, Engage, and Apollo to Scrimmage, Casual and Deathmatch game modes.
  • Frostbite to Danger Zone game mode.
  • Guard and Elysion to Wingman game mode.
  • Removed Mutiny and Swamp.


  • Removed excessive details.
  • Generally smoothed visual experience.
  • Visual clarity improvements for very low resolution users.
  • Minor tweaks. (Thanks hzx_fps!)
  • Mild optimizations at the A Bombsite and Mid.
  • Finishing visual touches.


  1. Variety of Statistics available when you buy the Operation Pass
  2. Operation Pass is available for CSGO players for ₹ 1,140
  3. Track your Weapon stats, Map Performance, Heatmaps
  4. Complete weekly missions to get stars, stars can be exchanged for rewards.
Broken FANG
Broken FANG

CSGO is trying to maintain its lead over the new games and the update, new mode were long due. The update will help players who play competitive games and aspiring players to get more insights to improve.

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