CrossBeats Air, Value for money True Wireless Earbuds

CrossBeats is not a new brand when it comes to offering value products & selling it through a variety of known E-commerce brands & to top it up it has a superb rating for most of its products coupled with a dedicated after sale support.

Coming to the product focus for today which is CrossBeats Air, its an all new way to listen to music & the way industry is changing is providing True Wireless Earbuds, CrossBeats Air hits some major benchmarks.

I will try to make it as simple as possible for the Users who are looking for True wireless Earbuds on a tight budget.


The Major challenge for True wireless earbuds is the lack of comfort it can provide considering the small size & the ability to hold on to ears. Travelling, running, Gym, etc can be a parameter to be tested or worst case while laying down & watching your favorite Movie.

CrossBeats Air sits on your ear just perfectly & doesn’t have any comfort issue, it is small in size & doesn’t come off your ear. Mark my words the reason I picked up this was the fact that it’s way too small. It comes with a variety of tips to make it more comfortable.

Audio Quality

Audio Quality is also another aspect when you talk about Truly wireless earbuds. Small space to put in a lot of things, Battery, Audio Drivers, making it small & Lite etc. Now coming to the Audio quality it can’t be compared to the best in class earphones or headphones. Audio Quality is excellent & gives you the right balance. Someone who is picking this Earbuds only for Music, I won’t recommend as these types of earbuds are focused on entire Experience & not just for Music.


Coming to the Spec sheet which most of you can have a glance on & make your decision so here are few things which are important.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology
6mm Drivers
Auto Turn On/OFF
24 bit Hi Res Audio decoding
5-hour battery life ( + 2 charges in the Charge Box)
IPX5 Sweat Proof, Water Resistant as per IP Standard
Voice Assistant Support
Weighs 5.3 g

Value for Money

When it comes to all the positives side it has, true wireless earbuds are still a piece of technology which needs a lot of improvements. When considering the technology it provides for the price I feel its a good option & you can get it a lesser price when the E-commerce platform run those Sales.

Pros & Cons

One Glance & you can make our if this is for you or not:


  1. Light Weight
  2. Small in size & Comfortable for long hours
  3. Audio Quality for given price
  4. Bluetooth 5.0
  5. Battery life
  6. Pairing & Connectivity – Instantly connects to each other, Right is the master. (Only Right side can be used for Calling)


  1. Audio Video delay even though Bluetooth 5.0 has reduced the lag or delay (Gaming, Movie)

So here it was a comprehensive review or a clear view of what CrossBeats Air is capable of. As always I try to bring as much as detail as possible for my readers & give you my honest opinion. What do you all think? Any questions let me know.

CrossBeats AIR Bluetooth Headset with Mic (Black, In the Ear)
CrossBeats Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Earbuds Headphones with Mic and Portable Charging Dock (Black)

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