June 22, 2024

Cellecor ActFit A1 Pro Long term user review

A1 Pro

A1 Pro

Cellecor ActFit A1 Pro Long term user review. I recently covered the launch of the Cellecor product line, which you can read here. But, today I would like to share the entire review of one of the Cellecor products. I have been using it since the launch and the experience is just too good for the price.

Cellecor launches a new lifestyle range of Smartwatches and Neckbands in India

Let me deep dive and give you my perspective. I make a review based on long term usage so you can count me.

Important Specs:

  1. Multi sport watch supporting a multi-language interface (like Hindi, English  German, French, etc.)
  2. 2-4 hours charge time, Standby time of 45-65 days, usage time of 7-10 days
  3. Music control, up to 10 types of push notifications for calls, text messages, social media, etc.
  4. PAH8007 heart rate sensor, breathing training feature, blood oxygen, sleep monitor, pedometer
  5. 1.4 inches HD full-color square screen

Design & Feel:

The design and feel are pretty premium from the watch strap to the actual shape. It is very light on the wrist and you may even forget after wearing it. That’s pretty much sufficed the comfort and design but do note regardless of the price the watch is very premium in look and feel. So, you don’t have to worry about this department.

Features and Functions:

It has a decent amount of features that work as well. Starting with a super crisp and decent display, it doesn’t look cheap in any way. When compared with some of the good brand competitors. For people looking for fitness features as well as some premium-looking watches, this is the perfect match. The heart rate sensor or the SPO2 works without any hiccups.

Standard features like calls/messages (Notify), music control, alarm, Blood oxygen (very important) are there to take care of your needs. IP68 and sleep monitoring are well-added features for all-around performance.

4.8 stars 18 ratings

Battery Life, Charging and Performance:

Well, I use an Apple watch and have been using Android smartwatches. These watches start from anywhere 15K-50K but they need to be charged once every day if not 2. While using Cellecor ActFit A1 Pro there is no worry to charge even for a week. It can easily give you 8-10 days of battery life and charges within 1-1.5 hours.

Performance-wise I haven’t seen any lag or UI glitch so far. Even the App which you need to pair with is well built. Now, if this review seems too positive. I will leave you with some actual user reviews.

App review page:

Watch App user ratings
Watch App user ratings


There is no denying that Cellecor ActFit A1 Pro is not only new but the brand is new as well. But, with my personal experience, the number of Features/Functions at this price makes it a hit.


  1. Price
  2. Good battery life
  3. Features that actually work
  4. Premium looks, design and feel


  1. New brand

You can buy from below links:

Amazon India – Cellecor ActFit A1 Pro SpO2 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch
Flipkart –  Cellecor ActFit A1 Pro SpO2 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch
Official Cellecor – Cellecor ActFit A1 Pro

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