June 22, 2024

Apple iPhone battery case long term user review

Apple iPhone battery case

Apple iPhone battery case

Apple iPhone battery case long term user review. There seem to be a lot of battery cases available for Apple, even some official Apple ones. But, being a rational customer getting an Official Apple iPhone battery case doesn’t actually make sense. I will have some pros and cons listed where this can be made a lot clearer. However, let’s start with a short and simple review.

First some product specs and intro

iPhone X/XS battery case 4100 mAh by Starelabs
Micro fiber lining inside for protection against scratches, Soft TPU
Capacity up to 4100 mAh
Full Edge Protection
Intelligent Power Indicator – 4 LED lights
All ports full Access

Check out the quick unboxing here:



Design & Comfort

Starting of straight here the design is minimalistic and exactly similar to Apple’s official battery case. It is easy to hold and for sure adds a little bulk to the phone. I see this as a handy alternative to the actual powerbank which needs to be held together with a cable attached. An actual powerbank may also cause a scratch on the back of the iPhone. The battery case provides access and easy control on the charging port and buttons.

Apple iPhone case bump
Apple iPhone case bump

For the comfort part, I don’t feel any challenge but, a slight bump may be a hit or miss for many. However, iPhones generally are very slim and light weight so adding a few slight bumps won’t be unbearable.

Apple iPhone case slide
Apple iPhone case slide

Battery Life & Charging

The battery life and charging are good for the given price. Apple has some tweaks in their official battery case which will cost a bomb. But, for this alternative the charging part it can be charged in well around 3-4 hours from 0 to full 4 bars. But, the Pro-tip always allows iPhone to discharge to 10-20% before charging both. The thing is the case and iPhone charges using the same port simultaneously. The battery life on iPhone XS will be you can charge the phone up to 1.5 times.  

Apple iPhone battery charging case
Apple iPhone battery charging case

There are some discussions that the battery case while it is always charging and using while on the go may cause it to degrade over time. While official Apple battery cases have a general reminder that it doesn’t degrade a third party battery case won’t have some concrete backing.


There are a ton of alternatives currently on the market, I preferred Starelabs as they are a one-stop solution for all Apple accessories. Also, there are some un-trusted sites and eCommerce sellers who might be selling these battery packs but caution before you buy 1. The Official Apple battery cases will cost you close to or above ₹10,000. The cheap ones sell at around ₹3K-5K.

Apple official battery packs will also provide Qi wireless charging for newer models.

Pros for Starelabs iPhone X/XS battery case

Similar design to Official Apple iPhone battery case
Easy to use
Battery life

Cons for Starelabs iPhone X/XS battery case

Bump at the back
Not easy to remove and apply (Needs some pressure)
Third Party

Well, here it is. Share me us what would you prefer? A case or a wired powerbank. I am using the above-mentioned Starelabs battery case for more than 3 months now. I usually use it when I travel for days. Daily, I don’t feel a need for it. I use ROG Phone 5 as my second phone so never felt a need for powerbank on daily basis.

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