ASUS ROG Phone vs Xiaomi Black Shark Helo vs Razer Phone 2

ASUS ROG Phone also known as the World’s most powerful & fastest Gaming phone. Gaming on a smartphone is always known to be uncomfortable experience or maybe a world where there’s too much to look out for before you can enjoy true gaming experience. The ROG phone has already changed what gaming on a smartphone requires & ROG lineup is always known to be gamer centric. After the launch of ROG phone let us look at the other offerings available in the market.

ASUS ROG Phone, Xiaomi Black Shark Helo, Razer Phone 2 are the 3 main contenders when it comes to smartphone gaming, though these 3 phones shares a lot of similarities still there are multiple things to be noted when it comes to the overall experience what these phones have to offer.


When it comes to design as you can see above ASUS ROG phone is way ahead, ROG Phone is equipped with tons of features but it has kept the design element in focus as well. Black shark & the Razer phone 2 both tried to look different but ROG Phone has taken the game to another level. The RGB lighting at the back gives the ROG phone a true gaming experience as well as a identity which is well known in the Gaming Community.


Performance aspect of all 3 phones are to be kept in mind, ROG Phone has already topped the Antutu score & is the fastest among the 3. ROG Phones main USP being the SOC which is clocked upto 2.96GHz, the SOC is specially-binned Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform with 10nm, 64-bit Octa-core Processor. Black shark & Razer phone 2 even these phones equip SD845 but the ROG phones clock speed & the overall device performance makes it the best among the 3. The RAM combination in all 3 phones are kind of similar like 6GB/8GB & a whopping 10GB on the black shark.

Asus ROG Specs.png


ROG phone display is way beyond market standards & has achieved 90 Hz on an AMOLED panel. The display has dedicated Gaming HDR and Mobile HDR supported by dedicate hardware display chip bring you the best display technology, other gaming phones though gives you 120 Hz display but cannot provide it on AMOLED display & everyone knows the technology what AMOLED screens can offer when compared to a normal LCD panel.

Battery & Charging:

When it comes to Battery all the phones have similar 4000mAh battery but that’s not the end of the story here. Wireless charging option is still at a very early stage & having it is kind of an optional package. Asus has tried & succeeded in doing something which is very unique of its kind. ROG Phone supports quick charge & you can charge the phone using 2 ports. Providing 2 ports means your long hours of gaming isn’t interrupted. ROG Phone supports QC 4.0 30W direct charge. Black shark supports QC 3.0 & the Razer phone supports QC 4.0. ROG Phone has the inbuilt tech for battery charging on the charger as well as in the Phone.

Gaming Accessories:

When you term something as gaming it shouldn’t be limited to a piece of hardware where you only have the device with you & then you think of adding an accessory with a ton of FAQ about the compatibility. ROG Phone comes with a ton of Accessories & there’s no rocket science to operate these accessories. Black shark & Razer has a limited area of expertise in this part, yet this can be changed at any point in time.

ROG Phone Top Points.JPG


Here we have multiple things to talk about like the Camera, UI, Extra features. Camera is something which cannot be written off when it comes to a smartphone & that’s what these phones provide. Camera samples can be checked once we have these all phones available to the masses & when actual tests are conducted. UI is customized in each of the phones & you can’t say which one performs the best, In a gaming phone you can’t ask for a stock experience as you need inbuilt customization option to take control of the entire phone. Extra features such as Water resistance can only on the Razer & ROG Phone & Razer phone has the best water resistance. Air triggers are kind of a superb innovation provided by Asus which takes the gaming to a whole new level.


ASUS ROG Phone without even a doubt is a true winner here & the topic of discussion will be the availability & out of the 3 only ASUS & Xiaomi can reach the masses where ROG Phone has already been available to every user. Price being an important factor needs to be taken into consideration as well. Asus ROG Phone comes at a price of Rs. 69,999. Xiaomi Black shark Helo is priced at CNY 3,199 (roughly Rs. 34,100) in China. The Razer phone 2 whereas comes at around Rs. 60,000 after conversion.

That’s a short & simple comparison, let me know your thoughts about the all new Gaming Phones & if you have any queries feel free to comment. Thanks. Stay Connected. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

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