February 24, 2024

YieldNodes: Most stable Node rental, Steady 200%+ every year



YieldNodes: Most stable Node rental, Steady 200%+ every year . Crypto Industry and overall markets are too volatile we agree, but there are some true hidden gems. YieldNodes is one gem that Crypto investors don’t mention a lot, maybe because of low interest. Back to back and steady bear markets make us realize how good a steady flow of income is. YieldNodes is a node rental project which helps you attract around 8% returns and maybe more depending on the market situation. The option to compound makes it more lucrative.

Basic working of YieldNodes:

YieldNodes, as the name suggests, is not just another node service but it is a combination of a few more things. The project surely invests in Masternodes apart from this, price gains and services are some way that works in unison to give you that stable returns. YieldNodes have its coin, its decentralized exchange, and a crypto-denominated shopping area.

Minimum deposit: EUR 500
Maximum Deposit: EUR 250,000
Payout: Monthly
The contract can be cancelled at any time after the 6th month
Deposit and interest are paid in Euro, US-Dollar or Bitcoin

The project assures anywhere between 5-15% per month, if there are any fewer returns for 3 consecutive months, your rental payment will be returned along with any accrued profits (if compounded). If you want to learn more about Masternodes, refer to my previous articles.

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Why YieldNodes:

I won’t suggest anyone put their life savings into YieldNodes, but it can be seen as a better way to hold stable coins. While many investors hold stablecoins, or profit out and keep stacking stablecoins during bear markets. However, investing and holding in YieldNodes can not only give you better returns + and compound opportunities, but it also makes more sense than stablecoins.

Return on investment

YieldNodes Performance

As mentioned earlier the minimum investment is EUR 500, there is a lock-in period of 6 months. in these 6 months, your investment keeps on growing approx. 8% (up and down). You can compound as well. Post 6 months, you have an option to withdraw your entire balance, or however, you like it. So, ideally, ROI is not that quick but it focuses a lot on Stability and growth.

Should you invest:

I have been invested in YieldNodes for more than 4 months now. Not Financial advice but, the returns are quite stable and I am compounding every month (automatic compounding enabled). I feel everyone should keep some of their funds in YieldNodes and let the steady and stable income grow.

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YieldNodes is not only stable, steady growth but is now gaining more traction as we see a consecutive bear market. You have an option to gain 8-10% on your stable coin on any Dex or CEX, maybe more going upwards 5-70% APR/APY. But, it’s a combination of factors. An actual node investment with zero knowledge is a better way to grow your investment.


  1. Low initial capital – When Nodes/Masternodes are concerned
  2. Stable returns and compounding option (No quick rich scheme)
  3. History and proven track record
  4. No false marketing or ponzinomics


  1. Low percentage yield compared with traditional crypto market
  2. Approx 2+ years and lot of coins mentioned are yet to prove the market

There are a ton of projects that may turn out to be better, however, my job is to bring good projects 1 day at a time. A lot more good projects coming soon so do follow us. You can use my referral link to join YieldNodes.

If you have any questions or if you need any help, do let me know. You can connect with us on Social Media as well. If you are planning to start investing do check out Binance and WazirX. Check our Cryptocurrency tab for more related stories.

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