October 2, 2022

Windows 11 compatible motherboards and support announced by ASUS

Windows 11

Windows 11

Windows 11 compatible motherboards and support announced by ASUS. Many of the users have already installed Windows 11 and many might be waiting for an official confirmation. ASUS today announced the support for Win 11 and the compatible list of Intel and AMD platforms.

How to install Windows 11 Official: 2 min read and 5 easy steps

The Preview build can now be installed on many existing ASUS motherboard models. Installation can be achieved after applying the latest UEFI BIOS update from the relevant ASUS support page, or by manually enabling the required function in the existing UEFI BIOS.

Following either of these two methods will empower adventurous users to try the beta version of the forthcoming operating system, allowing them to experience the future of Windows and PC computing –whetting appetites for the full Win 11 experience later this year.

Check out ASUS Support for detailed support and information:


The following ASUS motherboards offer Windows 11 Insider Preview upgrade/installation support:

Intel platform  AMD platform
C621 Series  WRX80 Series
C422 Series TRX40 Series
X299 Series X570 Series
Z590 Series B550 Series
Q570 Series A520 Series
H570 Series  X470 Series
B560 Series B450 Series
H510 Series X399 Series
Z490 Series  X370 Series
Q470 Series B350 Series
H470 Series A320 Series
B460 Series
H410 Series
W480 Series
Z390 Series
Z370 Series
H370 Series
B365 Series
B360 Series
H310 Series
Q370 Series
C246 Series
Z270 Series 1
H270 Series *
B250 Series *
Q270 Series *
Z170 Series *
H170 Series *
B150 Series *
H110 Series *
Q170 Series *

A word of warning: Windows 11 Insider Preview is beta software

All listed motherboard models should be ready for the installation of the latest Win 11 Insider Preview build. However, users should be aware that, as with any beta software, the product is not finished. It has therefore not passed formal hardware validation and qualification. As such, the installation of or upgrade to the Windows 11 Insider Preview is carried out at the discretion and risk of the user, and the user will be solely responsible for any potential system damage or data loss. ASUS will not be liable for any data loss or system damage that may result from the use of Windows 11 Insider Preview.

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