January 25, 2022

ROG Phone 3 new March 2021 update rolling out

ASUS ROG Phone 3

ASUS ROG Phone 3

ROG Phone 3 new March 2021 update rolling out. ASUS released ROG Phone 5 a few weeks back and is trying to keep their update cycle active for old phones. The phone got released in July-Aug 2020 and is getting various new updates since then. Just a few days back, the ROG Phone 3 started receiving Android 11 beta for users who had opted for the program.

ROG Phone 3 Release Note:

  1. Enabled VoLTE on Tele2 (Russia).
  2. Updated the workspace of launcher for Russia
  3. Updated to February 2021 Android security patch
  4. Improved call quality
  5. Fixed the issue where “Restrict background sync” on Armoury Crate causes malfunction of “Automatically sync data”
  6. Fixed issue where camera zoom feature did not work properly
  7. Improved system stability
  8. Updated APN list

Find the offline Official download link for this firmware version – 17.0823.2102.143. Stay updated through ZenTalk. ASUS does provide an update on time and to be frank here the delay is justified. When someone has used the ROG Phone, the kind of UI changes and ground goes behind is way too much.

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