January 25, 2022

ROG Phone 3 Android 11 first beta update out now

ASUS ROG Phone 3

ASUS ROG Phone 3

ROG Phone 3 Android 11 first beta update out. ASUS is finally testing out the beta updated with the community before releasing the official stable release. The entire release notes were posted on the ASUS community Platform – ZenTalk. The update comes with a list of Fixes, Improvements, and a list of Known Issues.

ASUS ROG Phone 5 got released just 2 weeks back and its a good news that ASUS is not forgetting its old users. ROG Phone 3 is still selling on Flipkart and updates are very important for ASUS.

The Software version is 18.0410.2101.80 and the release date was just a couple of days back 2021/3/23. The update will be only available to users who opted for the Beta program. 

Beta Update Page
Beta Update Page

ROG Phone 3 Android 11 Release Notes:

  1. Upgraded system to Android 11
  2. Introduced new ZenUI design
  3. Revamped Mobile Manager, Contacts, Phone, File Manager, Calculator, Clock, Gallery, Weather, Sound recorder, Settings, Data Transfer, Local backup, Setup wizard, System update apps
  4. Support one-time permissions, improved scoped storage, and auto revoke app permission
  5. Support to keep Bluetooth connection when airplane mode is activated
  6. Classic style of power button menu supports device control and Google Pay in Android 11
  7. Updated Style、Auto switch in System color scheme, advanced options for back gesture settings, and SIM card settings. Removed one hand mode.
  8. Added Notification history and Bubbles settings
  9. Integrated PowerMaster features in Mobile Manager into Battery Settings
  10. Added PowerMaster functions in battery settings, such as slow charging、select charging limit、custom battery modes、Hibernate apps settings, and so on.
  11. Lock task, screenshot, share options after long pressing the app icon of the task in recent apps screen.
  12. “Show blocked calls in call log” option in Call log Settings of ASUS Phone
  13. Setting alarm by date and group alarm features in Clock
  14. Support new editing page in Gallery
  15. Updated the default selection logic of data category in Data Transfer
  16. Some 3rd party apps are not compatible with Android 11 yet
  17. Please back up your data before upgrading to Android 11. If you want to downgrade your device’s software version to Android 10 by official software package, it will erase all data from your device’s internal storage.


  1. The pages in Setup wizard
  2. Options and update mechanism in system update setting
  3. To new screenshot and screen recorder folders to fulfill Android 11 requirement
  4. The Quick Settings panel design. Support media control function. Added Nearby Share tiles (Need to add manually).
  5. The size of status bar icons to keep visual consistency
  6. The design to the latest Android style in Calculator
  7. Notification tray to Android 11 design. Support notification conversations

Known Issue List:

  1. This software version does not support all accessories (We will successively restore those functions of supporting other accessories in the following coming up versions.)
  2. It spends longer than Android Q when booting.
  3. No function of M1/M2/M3/M4 key for Gamepad 1st generation
  4. OOBE stuck in “Saving audio is your choice” and is note response even click “Next” at right button corner.
  5. The lighting of ear phone is not synced with DUT with connecting ROG Cetra RGB headset
  6. Cannot recognize headset (Type C) after unplugging Fan dongle and playing music.
  7. Charging icon is incorrect (nor showing Fast charging) in status bar when plugging 10W power bank
  8. Occasionally cannot switch audio path to headset via Teams

You can stay updated on the known issues and any fix with ZenTalk. Detailed communication and all the information are being tracked on the community Platform. Are you a ROG Phone 3 user? or have you testing the latest beta Android 11? Do let us know your experience. 

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