July 24, 2021

How to get Android Updates Faster ?

How to get Android updates faster or maybe you can say things to consider when you are trying to get android updates. This isn’t a trick & there can’t be any to jump the queue to get the updates faster, but you can definitely do things that can get you the updates on time & also whenever it is announced.

1. Why I am not Getting update?

This is a very complicated thing ever asked me & the answer to this can be different when solving or providing support. There are multiple Android smartphones in the market right now & multiple OEM’s which support them. Unlike Apple, Android Ecosystem is far more different. For Android users, they have to rely on their smartphone manufacturers rather than Google.

If you own a Pixel, Android One, Android Go or other smartphones which are backed by Google you can expect the updates to be a lot faster as these smartphones have a uniform UI & the updates are mostly aligned.

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There can be multiple reasons of not getting an update, You may be on a Custom ROM, You may have incorrectly relocked the bootloader, You carrier may have found it hard to get those updates, Your smartphone builds may be different from what’s rolled out, etc.

2. What Can I do Fasten the Process?

You can do multiple things to fasten the update process, Stay on the latest Build/Software version/Firmware provided by the Manufacturer. Also, find an alternate way to update as only Apple can provide you the best software update or maybe Pixel or some Android One phones. From Alternate way I refer to is Manual update which manufacturer provides so that users don’t have to rely on OTA (Over the Air)  Updates.

3. Things you shouldn’t Do

I have read many times that you should factory reset your phone to fasten the process but you should avoid doing that, this may be a hit or miss but this also makes your process more complicated. Don’t follow any random links which say that this or that can help you get the update faster, these can be scam/ads link which may compromise your smartphone.

4. Personal Preference

Nowadays being a part of an online community isn’t that bad or too much to ask for, so get into a community where you may find people like you & you can get engaged with a variety of topics. Manufacturers these days provide first hand support to Online Communities & Forums where users can get the fastest update of their Smartphones.

Few of the Known Sites I prefer, Zentalk Forum for ASUS, RealMe Community for RealMe, Honor Club for Honor, Mi Community for Xiaomi, OnePlus Community for OnePlus etc. XDA can be the best source for all things Android.

5. Conclusion

There can be plenty of ways to get the Android updates faster & there are many sources available for you to be updated about your smartphone. Ultimately only a few of the Manufacturer believe in providing better support for their Community. Companies like OnePlus, Apple, Xiaomi, Honor, ASUS, RealMe are some of the companies as per my knowledge which really works for around their users.

So which phone do you use? What are your thoughts on getting the Android updates faster? Share your thoughts with us.

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