April 14, 2021

Apple iOS 14 beta users are getting Fake update Pop up

Apple 2020 cover

Apple 2020 cover

Apple iOS 14 beta users are getting Fake update Pop up. This started with the new update that Apple rolled out recently for all Apple users. This only affects users who are on iOS 14 beta update. Currently, I have been using the iPad 9.7 6th Gen 2018 model and this bug can be seen. The update notification pops up when someone tries to unlock the device.

Apple iOS 14 beta
Apple iOS 14 beta

Many users have taken to Twitter and other major platforms to share this dilemma. Apple recently announced their new product line and also the release of iOS 14 for all eligible users. This issue is not new, back in 2018 similar bug was discovered when the Apple system tries to fetch for an update and finds an expired update. 

Many major websites and platforms will share their way to fix this and Apple will also share an update to fix this issue. If you are facing this and if you can share more info. Do share it with us.

Apple Community platform or any major sites like Reddit can share more information in this.

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