February 2, 2023

Poco F1 by Xiaomi, a new Flagship trend setter ?

Poco F1 Master of Seed by Xiaomi, It has been a busy week for Smartphone market in India. Today I won’t be just sharing the specs of the smartphone but some insights what Poco F1 is all about. Xiaomi as a brand has been a dominant player & after taking lead in every segment of smartphone business apart from the Flagship category now Xiaomi aims to change the way we see Flagship.

Smartphones like Poco we may have seen in the past but with Xiaomi at the back & a good team to lead it seems Poco could be a brand which may set how flagship trend here in India. Poco F1 seems to be a smartphone not only build for the Power users but for all the users who want a power house in their hands. Custom ROM users are also welcomed by POCO.

Poco F1 is focused on Performance, Speed & Camera. Snapdragon 845, Liquid Cooling, Face unlock with actual sensors & a ton of features baked in this is why Xiaomi creates a trend in every segment. Poco aims at consistent performance rather than only performance. Jai Mani the Product head for Poco was constantly taking a jibe at Oneplus 6, iPhone X & Samsung S9 smartphone.

Poco will also have a Armored edition which will give the smartphone more rigidity.

Poco F1 pricing, after being in this industry for quite a sometime I haven’t seen a well established brand to take such an aggressive step.

The Pricing goes as follows:

RAM Storage Price
6GB 64GB Rs. 20,999
6GB 128GB Rs. 23,999
8GB 256GB Rs. 28,999
8GB 256GB Rs. 29,999 Armored edition

First sale will see Rs.1000 off on above models.

Important Announcement:

  1. Android Pie will be available for Poco F1 in Q4 2018.
  2. Kernel Source will be available on Github starting 29th August 2018.
  3. Poco Launched beta will start on 29th August 2018 through Google Play store.
  4. Android treble will be supported on Poco F1.
  5. Sale Starts on 29th August 2018 on Flipkart & Xiaomi.

Find the complete detailed specification here: https://www.mi.com/in/poco-f1/specs/

Share your thoughts in the comments below about the new Poco F1, is it the new trend setter by Market leader Xiaomi or it will be again a phase where things will change.

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