October 2, 2022

OPPO F9 & F9 Pro launched in India with Waterdrop Notch

Oppo F9 & F9 Pro has been launched in India with a different kind of a Notch which Oppo terms as Waterdrop. Oppo has been showcasing their no of Patents which they have been generating since their inception. VOOC fast charging is yet another innovation from Oppo & it will be available for the masses with their F9 Pro. While there is not much of a difference between the 2 models but there is a noticeable price difference.

Oppo F9 release date & availability is yet to be announced by the company the pricing has already been announced by Oppo. Oppo has been showcasing their innovation but their Pricing strategy is something which needs to be changed or should be given a second thought. Both the models will come with MediaTek Helio P60 SOC but the major or you can say the only difference between the both will be VOOC Charging & the RAM combination.


Oppo F9

Oppo F9 Pro

Below you can find the difference between the 2 Models. Thanks to XDA for below Model Comparison.


Oppo F9 Pro will be available in 2 Color Models & you can get the direct Product access from below Link:

OPPO F9 Pro (Twilight Blue, 64 GB)

OPPO F9 Pro (Sunrise Red, 64 GB)

So let me know in the comments below your thoughts about the F9 & F9 Pro. Our Social Media Channels will be soon available so that we can discuss all the tech happenings. Stay Connected.

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