August 3, 2021

No SD Card Support for Huawei? SD Association Complying with U.S Order

After the U.S. ban, many of the most important hi-tech companies, components suppliers and chipmakers are keeping a distance from Huawei. Today, it is the turn of the SD Association: a non-profit organization that is known for being involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of products that support SD and micro SD cards.

The list of members of the association contains the companies which can produce and sell products with SD cards support the SD standards and use SD and micro SD cards. Until a few weeks ago Huawei was in the list, but now it suddenly disappeared, according to a publication from SumahoInfo.

After noticing the absence of the Chinese giant in the member list, folks at Android Authority reached the SD Association for an explanation. As you could expect, the SD Association is complying with the order from the U.S. Department of Commerce that resulted in the inclusion of Huawei in the Entity List.

A list in which you can find all those companies which need the authorization of the U.S. government in order to do business with other U.S. companies. Android Authority even talked to Huawei in order to have feedback about the matter.

spokesperson from the Chinese company said that micro SD cards will keep working on the actual phones, but it did not release any comment about future devices. The latest Huawei flagships are not equipped with micro SD slots, but they use a new proprietary standard: Nano-Memory, which is a SIM Card-shaped memory card.

However, all Huawei’s midrange and entry-level phones still come with a micro SD slot. The decision of the SD Association comes right after ARM (the company creating chipsets design used by Huawei for its Kirin processors) suspended the business with Huawei: the situation of the company could not be worse.

However, it looks like the company is not giving up and it is working with Google and other suppliers to find a solution. Even China confirmed its support to Huawei. Only time will tell.

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