October 28, 2021

Crypto Bank now available Offline in India, visit these 14 locations

Unicas Bank

Unicas Bank

Crypto Bank now available Offline, visit these 14 locations. Physical Crypto Bank Opens in India. Reported by Bitcoin.com. The crypto bank is a joint venture between Cashaa and United Multistate co-op society. Customers can open bank accounts, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, obtain crypto-backed loans, as well as learn about crypto.
The crypto bank named Unicas, a joint venture between Cashaa and United Multistate Credit Co. Operative Society has started Offline/Physical branches in India. The first branch has opened in Jaipur.

“Unicas is initially opening its services online and through 14 branches across NCR, Rajasthan, and Gujarat by January 2021, and plans to rapidly expand to 100 branches by the end of 2022,” the announcement details. Unicas CEO Dinesh Kukreja commented that “This will allow us to build, scale and offer customized financial and crypto products for the local Indian markets.”

The Plan consists of 13 branches that are supposed to complete in phases between 4-22 Jan 2021. Anyone looking for an easier way to understanding and investing in Crypto can visit the nearest ones.

Branch List
Branch List

Noting that “Unicas aims to onboard 25,000 customers within the first quarter of 2021,” the announcement continues:

Unicas will be providing banking services for both fiat and crypto assets. Services include savings accounts, crypto exchange, crypto loan and debit cards to spend crypto. Users may receive an instant loan digitally by depositing crypto assets in the Unicas wallet and requesting the equivalent value of INR on their card or bank account.


Cashaa CEO Kumar Gaurav explained that besides banking, “Unicas will also provide information and guidance on the level of convenience and security that blockchain technology offers.”

Crypto Positive Sentiments 

This positive news comes in when many Big companies around the globe have started investing in Crypto. Unlike 2017, 2018-2020 has seen a lot of major players taking crypto seriously. PayPal was one major news that further fueled the positive sentiment. Recently, Bitcoin crossed the $20,000 mark which was being seen as the breakout level.

Bitcoin market cap surpasses Visa, Bull run continues trading over $27,000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading over $34,000.

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