February 24, 2024

Bitcoin hits fresh all-time high crosses $67,000



Bitcoin hits fresh all-time high crosses $67,000. The pump cycle is back is now backed by numerous positive news and development. The market saw a major crash just around April-May 2021, due to China FUD and various other concerns. But, slowly and gradually new adoption, ETF’s, China-ban turning positive vibes, etc. has now made sure Crypto is here to stay and will eventually pump harder combined with adoption.

If you have been a follower of the crypto market the cycle trends late every year and goes till probably Q1 every year. There were many concerns and a lack of reasoning for many why a Crypto holds such value. But, as Long term HODLers and Institutional investors started pouring money understanding the concept, the nos are just increasing here.

BTC chart 2021 Coingecko
BTC chart 2021 Coingecko

The chart says it all. 


Alt coin chart coingecko
Altcoin chart coingecko

While Bitcoin (BTC) shows tremendous promise in value and market dominance. The overall market stays green while other small altcoins and other ranked coins are yet to make more gains. The cycle seems to just have started for many. As per numerous reports and speculations, Ethereum the no.2 coin is expected to top the $10,000 mark. Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Binance (BNB), etc. to make more adoption and appreciation in value.

No one knows the top but if you are a long-term HODLer keep buying and stay focused. Not financial advice but, numerous negative news will surely come in and the market may see a good correction and maybe another good time to buy the Dip.

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