ASUS ROG Phone II new update improves Performance & Air trigger function.

ASUS ROG Phone 2

ASUS ROG Phone 2

ASUS ROG Phone II is now receiving a new update, the new update focuses on the system stability part & also improves the gaming experience. After the new Android 10 update, the Gaming & overall performance were facing a few issues.

To give you more details, below is the release notes shared:

  1. Fixed the problem where you can use AirTriggers squeeze functions when opening some games in the landscape mode
  2. Fixed the problem where ASUS ZenScreen MB16AMT external screen can not be touched
  3. Fixed the issue where icon shape setting in developer options do not work 
  4. Fixed the problem where time info on the status bar disappeared when receiving a call and unlocking the device
  5. Fixed the problem where startup time is occasionally too long
  6. Fixed setup wizard not completing issue
  7. Removed Twitch streaming function in Game Genie

You can be updated about this, here:

Coming to the update, I have personally tested the update & the Gaming has definitely improved.

  1. Call of Duty Mobile – Battle royale mode black screen & frames drops fixed, Game getting a stuck fix.
  2. PUBG Mobile – Frames drop fix, constant 60 fps under Extreme settings. No lag
  3. All these tests & under room temperature – the device was well under 40 degrees, considering Summer time in India.
  4. Recommendation always use X mode from notification bar before playing the game

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