August 3, 2021

ASUS ROG Battle of Gods PUBGM Event: Details

ASUS ROG Battle of Gods is a PUBGM Mobile event for ROG Phone users, do note other than ROG Phone users no other player can join. This event is now in its week 5, registrations for the event is currently live.

Some good to know information about this event, in case you own a ROG Phone 1 or ROG Phone 2.

  1. Users need to register for the event every week through below form:
  2. Every user gets an Email post registration from ASUS with all the required details
  3. The Prize pool for every week is Rs.55,00 & the Total prize pool for the entire event is Rs.6,60,000 which is distributed every week
  4. A user winning once is not eligible to win the prize again but can participate
  5. It’s a solo event, every week there is a top rankings mentioned which you need to achieve to play the same day finals.
  6. ASUS also live streams the finals on their ASUS India YouTube channel, you can watch the last 4 week finals here:

So those were some key details about the entire event, if you have any query do let us know. Also, if you own a ROG Phone you can register now.

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