Samsung Unveils its Foldable Smartphone at SDC

We’re finally entering the future we’ve all been waiting for—the first Android smartphone with a foldable display (from a major Android OEM) has finally been unveiled. Today, at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2018), Samsung showed off their first smartphone with a fully-foldable OLED panel. Here it is:

Although the device wasn’t shown off in great detail since SDC is a developer conference, Samsung did share details about the display itself and some of the software on it. Samsung is calling the foldable phone’s display technology “Infinity Flex.” According to Samsung, they managed to create an AMOLED display that’s thin, can be folded “hundreds of thousands of times,” and is ready for mass production in the coming months.

When folded, the device shows you content via the 4.6-inch Super AMOLED “cover display.” When unfolded, the device shows you content via the single 7.3-inch Super AMOLED “main display.”

Samsung Infinity Flex

Thanks to native support for foldables in Android via the screen continuity API, app content can transition seamlessly between the cover display and the main display (so long as the app is updated to support it.)

Android Pie app continuity

With the added screen real estate afforded by the Infinity Flex display, Samsung allows you to run up to 3 applications simultaneously with a feature called “Multi-Active Window.”

Samsung Multi Active Window

Samsung recognizes that this new form factor will take time for developers to accommodate. That’s why they’re opening up an emulator SDK that will help you test your apps. They will also provide clear guidelines on how to develop for foldable smartphones. A developer session taking places later today at SDC will give us more details about how to develop apps for this new form factor, and we’ll let you know all the highlights from that talk.

Lastly, here’s a video showing off Samsung’s innovations in display technology:

Display Specifications

Shara Tibken, a reporter from CNET, shared a picture of a slide which shows some of the basic specifications for the two displays on the device. According to the picture, here are the specifications:

  • Cover Display
    Resolution: 840×1960
    Screen density: 420dpi
    Smallest screen width: 320dp
  • Screen size: normal
    Main Display
    Resolution: 1536×2152
    Screen density: 420dpi
    Smallest screen width: 585dp
    Screen size: large

This information will help developers optimize their app’s resources and text to scale properly on each display of this device.

Thank you all for reading, Display innovation was expected from Samsung & they have proved that it’s all about innovation. Again, its too early to say how easy it will be to adopt such tech but its good that the tech world isn’t stuck at a stagnant point.

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