Tech Brands Contributing to the Relief Efforts in Kerala

The state of Kerala, has been suffering from floods caused due to unusually heavy rain. Over 400 people have died due to the floods, high water levels have destroyed the livelihood of several in Kerala. With the water levels receding now and the rehabilitation process underway, people are making every effort to get their lives back on track.  Governments of states, other countries and even corporates are uniting at this time of need to assist the people of Kerala in every possible way. Here’s what five such brands are doing to help:

 1. Mobiistar – International smartphone brand, Mobiistar is helping the people in Kerala by providing safe drinking water and support to clean houses. The company set up three vans that have traversed the length and breadth of the affected areas providing potable water and house cleaning supplies that included phenyl, Dettol, bathroom lotion, washing soap, bathing soap, milk powder and towels that were distributed across Thrissur, Aleppy, Pathanamthittah, Ernakulam and Idukki. Apart from this, Mobiistar’s Helping Hands are also providing free service for water damaged phones and a 50% discount on phone parts between 28th August and 11th September. MOBIISTAR PROVIDES SUPPORT TO THOSE AFFECTED IN KERALA FLOODS.

2. Micromax – Being a homegrown brand, Micromax has always best understood the pulse of the nation and the needs of its citizens. So, this time, when one part of our country was in severe distress, Micromax and its employees didn’t blink an eye before going all out –  they were the first ones to set up free medical camps in the affected areas in association with Kochi City Police and VPS Lakeshore Hospital. These medical camps have expert doctors in different specializations who will be providing the flood victims with a full body check-up, catering to any specific ailments and giving them free medication. The first medical camp was set up in Kerala at Cheranallore, Kochi and was inaugurated on 27th August. Over the next couple of days, in the four camps that were set up saw over 700 camp attendees and availing the services being offered.
In the coming week, 2-3 camps will be conducted in Kuttanadu which is the most affected area in Kerala. On the 2nd of September, a camp is being set up in West Kadungallur with the aim of reaching out to even more people and giving them the help and attention needed.

3. Asus – ASUS is Offering Free Service Camp in Kerala, 100% discount on Labour charge & 50% discount on water damaged parts of in-warranty products. Mumbai, India, August 30, 2018 — ASUS, the Taiwanese leader in smartphones and IT technology, will offer free service camp for all its consumers in Kerala. The 10 days camp will be held from 30th August’18 to 10th September 2018 at the listed service centers in Kerala. Commenting on the initiative, Leon Yu, Regional Head for India and South Asia, ASUS said, “We understand that such calamities are act of God and we stand with the people of Kerala in these times. Kindly accept our empathy and a support in form of a service CAMP for all the ASUS consumers.” All the ASUS consumers can avail 100% discount on the labour charge. Further 50% discount on water damaged parts in Kerala during the free service camp period for in-warranty products. Find the complete detailed here. 

ASUS Offers Free Service Camp in Kerala.

We at techtictok see this as a great help to the people affected in Kerala. It’s really good to see people around the world helping people who are affected by Floods. Efforts are always appreciated. Thanks for reading & share this news so that the needful can avail the service.

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