How to Install IOS 12 Public Beta

iOS 12 maybe one of the most anticipated versions from Apple. The Keynote was not upto the mark when you sum up the entire things Apple had to offer. In the next 2 month maybe early there will be few more library of devices from Apple. The things which keep the iPhone or you can say the whole Apple ecosystem together is its ecosystem. The right balance between Hardware & software is something which only Apple knows. Apple is around 9% mark when it is compared to Android Market share but the revenue it generates is mind-boggling.

Let us see few things which Apple brought in for its most Anticipated iOS 12.

  1. iOS 12 is mostly focused on stability as the CEO Tim Cook rightly mentioned.
  2. iOS 12 Support will be something which many Android users can only think of. Apple is pushing its limit & is going down to iPhone 5S to provide the support for iOS 12.
  3. iOS 12 is focused on Performance with faster access to Camera & Keyboard when swiping from Home screen & overall improved performance without a delay.
  4. iOS brings in Facetime for upto 32 people at once.
  5. Improved Animoji to keep up with its Android Competitors
  6. Improved AR capability
  7. Screen time to improve your Productivity
  8. Most Awaited Clubbed Notification
  9. Photos App gets more Personalized for sharing
  10. New Apps with a redesigned look

These are few things which have been added or you can say has improved drastically. Below let’s see how you can get early access to these features without waiting for the Official Release.

How to Install IOS 12 Public Beta.

Note: This is a Public beta & may contain tons of Bugs & is not recommended for users who use their Phone extensively. If you have a spare phone or maybe you can deal with this bugs then you can surely take a ride.

  1. Head to over to the Link to get started:
  2. Create an archive of your iPhone. You can use iTunes that’s installed on your PC/Mac
  3. Once you have made an Archive/Backup of your iPhone you can start the next process, the process is quite simple & is done with a few clicks
  4. Download the Profile from your iPhone & a file will pop up & after installing the same you will get access to download the Beta software

  1.  Update your iOS device. Tap Settings > General > Software Update to install any available beta software.

That’s it simple yet interesting.

My Thoughts on the Public Beta.

  1. The beta software seems to be a little buggy at a time you may find performance issue but yes it’s not a final release so no complaints either
  2. Currently it’s on beta no. 3 so the after 1 & 2 the 3rd version seems to be getting stable
  3. iOS Public beta is released after Developer beta (Paid)
  4. There are a few good features & Improvements which you can find in below Screenshots from my device.

Screen Time

Improved Stocks App

Share your thoughts in the comments below for any query related to Installing iOS 12 & don’t forget to visit our Social Pages for daily updates.

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