Do we really need a Gaming Phone ? Asus ROG Phone Explained

Gaming Phone is that a new term we are referring to ? The available top of the smartphone aren’t what Gaming on a smartphone requires ? I can say pretty surely that a flagship can’t be termed or referred to as a gaming phone. Gaming phone shouldn’t miss on a single aspect of Gaming & there are very few phones out there who can stand on this Claim.

Asus ROG is already known as a Top contributor in the world when it comes to gaming. Asus ROG phone is not an alien word anymore, Asus ROG phone has already made its mark in the world & today we will take a look at whether we really need a Gaming Phone.

Gaming Industry

Gone are the days when gaming was limited or can be said was Graphics limited to only high-end desktops running expensive Graphics card, Processors, GB’s of RAM & what not. Gaming today has changed entirely & with a Billion Dollars of valuation already Gaming in a smartphone cannot be kept at bay. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, Asphalt, Injustice 2, Mortal Combat etc. are few very great example of what Gaming on a smartphone can achieve.

How Different Gaming Phones can be ?

Smartphones cannot just be said as a gaming phone until they bring something different to the table. Just a look at the ROG phone & you can say that boy that some tough smartphone sitting there. High refresh rate, Quality Display, Overclocked SOC, Gaming Accessories, Ecosystem of Games, Community these are few good examples of how different Gaming phones can be.

Gaming Phones compared to Flagships

Starting off with the most debatable Question, don’t we need Flagships then ? The answer is we need phones in every category as they are different to each other & bring innovation, the cost to experience ratio & also have something way more different than other apart from Specs. Gaming phones & Gaming Industry has set a challenge that we will require something unique now so that there is a different focus on Phones & Gaming altogether. Flagships try to focus & try to provide everything at a Price where users don’t think about what less he is getting. Gaming phone is focused right now on a niche market but entirely it can cover millions of Gamers.

Do we really need it ?

Long story short, we need it. Gaming phone is a one stop answer for all our gaming needs. Asus ROG Phone has all the necessary ingredients which are required & it will set another benchmark for Asus.


Rather than asking which is the best gaming phone ? Our category can be more straightforward with the arrival of Gaming Phones. The concept looks sharp & clear & we will enjoy the Gaming aspect of our Smartphones. Image Source: D2D 

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