Do we really need 8GB or 10GB RAM in a Smartphone ?

Smartphone Specification this is what comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about a new smartphone launch. SOC, Camera, Battery, Display, RAM etc., these are a few things which we take a note of. Lately, RAM sizes are getting increased & Smartphone major players are throwing away RAM sizes & are making everyone feel that a particular smartphone would be the best in the market. Today we will look into the same topic & I will try to cover a major dilemma about RAM Game.

Smartphones that feature 8GB RAM or 10GB RAM

Some of the Major players which come with 8GB or a whopping 10GB RAM are already in the market & before we even had time to even think about do we really need even 6GB RAM Smartphones 8GB & 10GB RAM smartphones are already in the market. Asus Zenfone 5Z, Asus Zenfone AR, Asus Zenfone Deluxe, Asus ROG Phone, Oneplus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Xiaomi Poco F1, Oppo Find X, Vivo Xplay 7, Xiaomi Black Shark 2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are few examples of 8GB & 10GB RAM smartphones. Newer smartphones may take a year to feature 10GB RAM but sooner or later even this would be obsolete.

Android vs IOS RAM Game

When you see Apple iPhone’s which runs on Apple’s own IOS you feel how smooth the experience can be with a little as 3GB or maybe 4GB RAM. I feel 4GB RAM is what the max the Smartphone should feature. Android Smartphone just has been increasing in nos & their spec sheet is increasing at a similar rate. IOS is way better when it comes to the RAM part because it was never about the nos but about how better the experience can be.

Do we really need it ?

After reading so much & criticizing a way lot You can clearly say that we really don’t need it rather there must be a focus on RAM Optimisation. IOS hardware & software is totally controlled or you can say optimized by Apple. Android, on the other hand, is optimized by Google & all other things cannot be optimized as there may be few things which will be locked or proprietary things which Google may not be able to share. Google & Smartphone OEM should work together to give everyone a better experience rather than a better specs sheet.


I Feel the Conclusion is what we can sum up here. Google & Android Smartphone players work on the experience & to all the readers always keep an eye on Experience rather than Big Nos Specs list.

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