Call of Duty Mobile World Championship is live

Call of Duty Mobile

Starting the topic with just checking on you all, I hope you all are doing good and are taking care of each other in these testing times.

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship is live & I have something’s to share with you in case if you haven’t signed up for the event. Even if you have signed up you will get some good to know the information. I have personally completed the first qualifier & now waiting for the next which starts in a few days.

Before the tournament started, the CODM requirement was that the player needed to be on Veteran 1 rank. But, the twist is that the higher the rank the more points you will be able to achieve.

As you can see on the right hand side of the image, the better the rank the faster you will be able to progress. While signing up for the tournament I was on Veteran 1 & with some good game, I got qualified for 1st qualifier in 8 straight wins.

Things you need to know, you need to win the match as a team your individual kills or performance will only help you to get more rank. Even if you get MVP or get most kills but you lose the match under the points table it will be considered as a loss. Focus more on winning rather than getting on most kills. Kills will definitely increase your rank but you have limited chances to qualify.

Tip – Get the required wins to qualify & then try to increase your rank.

Ranked matches is where the Qualifier is based on, if you are lucky you might get normal death match, my Matches were heavily based on Domination or Search & Destroy.

The ultimate Prize Pool

CODM has now shown the $1M Prize pool, which translates to somewhere around 7.5 cr INR.

CODM Ranked Matches Screen

Here is the screen once you enter & sign up for the tournament, you get guns, XP, skins, etc with every progress you make.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the tournament now, if you haven’t already. Do share with us your Pro tip, which will help everyone.

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