ASUS May Launch Zenfone With Pop Up Camera And Punch Hole Camera

The Asus Zenfone series has been one of the most popular smartphones in the budget segment for quite a while now. With the latest device, Asus carries forward the tradition of big batteries, good camera performance and a great performance. However, here is some news that can make the upcoming series of Asus Zenfone smartphones even more appealing. A patent from the smartphone company shows that it is working on two new possible Zenfone designs. These include one with a pop up camera and one with a punch hole camera.

The patent was filed with the EUIPO earlier this year and have just recently been published. They show many smartphone designs, all of them without bezels or a notch. The first design shows a smartphone with a pop up camera. This means that the screen will be totally bezel-less and will have a sliding compartment on the top. This will house the single or even dual front cameras. It is still not clear as to whether this will be a manual slider or will be mechanised like on the Vivo Nex.

Additionally, the patent also talks about a second design with a punch hole camera or a camera cut out. This patent was submitted in Germany while the previous one was submitted in France. This design shows an Asus smartphone with a hole in the top left of its display. And it houses a single front facing camera. This technology is already seen in the Samsung Galaxy A8s, which was launched recently.

With the advent of mobile technology, every manufacturer is looking to beat the competition with something unique. This includes unique and sometimes even quirky design elements such as the camera cut out or the pop up camera to grab attention. Whether a smartphone will really make a mark in the market ultimately depends on the features it packs and its price.

ASUS is finally adopting the same design which its competitor has already selling. Only time will tell how true this leaks are. So what do you all guys think ? Is this the way to go ? Share with us. For fastest tech updated follow us on  Facebook & Twitter. Stay Connected.


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