ASUS announces Android Q Beta program for Zenfone 5Z

ASUS, the Taiwanese leader in smartphones and IT technology, and Google I/O announced that ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL) will be joining the Android Q Beta. It is the first in the ASUS ZenFone series to participate in an Android Beta program. ASUS continually strives to improve the ZenFone experience, and this cooperation with Google is a step towards that goal.

Android Q Beta brings with it several new and exciting features, including higher privacy protections, connectivity, along with improvements to the camera, media, graphics, and Networks APIs.

How to Join, Features, other Important Details check here:

Visit the below Link to download Android Q:

Android Q Beta ASUS ZenFone 5Z

ASUS welcomes developers to join the program and appreciates users’ feedback to enhance the experience together.

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New features:

When it launches, Android Q will be full of exciting new features. For now, here are some of the impressive new features that you’ll enjoy with the Android Q Beta program:

  1. Dark Theme: Android Q now has a system-wide Dark Theme. Activate Dark Theme in Settings, or by turning on Battery Saver.
  2. Suggested actions in notifications: You can now take action on messages with suggested actions in notification.
  3. Prioritized notifications: You can decide whether an app’s notifications are interruptive or gentle. Interruptive notifications will make noise, vibrate, and appear on your lock screen, whereas gentle ones will not. Android Q also introduces algorithms to automatically determine whether notifications should be interruptive.


First version release: May 7th, 2019

List of known issues:

  1. SD cards with exFAT format are not supported.
  2. There is no beep when the volume up or volume down buttons are pressed. The beep still works with other functions.

The upcoming ZenFone model will also be on the priority list for the Android Q upgrade. More information will be announced soon.

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